Keener was born in the deep South. His parents then moved to Southern California. Coincidence?

When he was nine, Keener acted in a film with Billy Crystal who got him to smoke a cigarette for the role.
Keener later went on to have a smoking habit. Thanks Billy.

When he was eleven, Keener acted in a McDonald’s commercial with actress Tracey Gold.
This event started a love affair with the McRib.

Keener retired from acting at fourteen to pursue life as a “normal” teenager and meet his future wife.
Her name is Jennifer. He still isn’t normal.

A graduate from the University of Oregon, he still keeps an old pair of Birkenstocks in the closet just in case.
Of what, he's not sure.

The first spot he ever directed was for a Fortune 500 company that included 75 people, 20 kids, a crane and an
American bullfrog. How he landed that job remains a mystery.

When he’s not writing and directing, Keener likes to eat cheese grits.